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The SAPS is a research centre for the study of materials and
shapes of cooking instruments. It was created from the desire to
share the passion for quality and professionalism in gastronomic
circles; and with those working in the Foodservice Industry
sector. It is aimed at chefs, hoteliers, cooking centres, hotels and
restaurants; schools and gourmet fine dining venues.
As the professional catering industry looks to the future; with an
increasing demand for a level of preparation built on experience,
elaboration and specialisation as well as cost control.
SAPS is moving in this direction, with a focus on cooking
instruments: analysing the peculiarities, performance, compliance
of regulations, and correct usage to meet the ever
changing catering environment and demands.
The educational seminars
SAPS is mainly orientated towards professional operators. Courses are organised which consist of
theory lessons on the history and correct usage of materials and which include interesting practical
demonstrations by qualified chefs.The educational seminar is centred on:
- visits to the factory, production methods
- visit to museum exhibitions, historical roots
- educational meetings, practical demonstrations and analysis of the technical and legislative aspects
Professional update
Collaborations are often organised with operators who are devoted to professionalism; from distributors
of hotel equipment who want to transfer their know-how with an added value, to their personnel; to
organisations that pursue the path of training and experience; up to educational institutions in search of
highly specialised teaching support that are operating in the market.
The events
On the organising front, SAPS is busy all year round. Gastronomic competitions, press conferences,
experimental workshops.There are multiple subsidiary activities. Not to mention, the Baldassare
Agnelli’s Gourmet Evening Dinners, with national media and press coverage, where the most important
current trends and information are gathered at an international level with regards to the exclusive
interpretations and creations of the most well-known chefs in the world.
La Pentola d’Oro
The official SAPS magazine,
which is at its fourth year of publication with more than 30,000
copies distributed to catering Professionals; to update them on scientific and legislative news, to inform
then of the Italian gastronomic trends from a professional point of view and to report on the
known Trends and Excellencies in culinary standards that are emerging.
SAPS Newsletter
An E-Newsletter which every week informs 6,000 readers about the news and activities of
SAPS, is a portal rich in gastronomic news, special reports and recipes from chefs from all
over the world. Data sheets, and material regarding legislative measures, seen as the most in-depth
database of its kind on the web.
The S.A.P.S. centre
saps research centre
The educational seminars at S.A.P.S.
A guide to professional cookware
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