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edited by Università degli Studi di Milano
The world of professional cooking is at the center of wider and wider interests that
have led, in recent years, to the development of training levels that have gradually
increased, also in the university, and the need to support "material" and highly
technical documents capable to stimulate and suggest new ideas to all the operators
in the sector.
The Anglo-Saxon world and the U.S., although it is not taken as a model for
lifestyle and dietary habits, has always known, however, to handle very well the
gastronomic products by providing technical texts and manuals that can support
them and provide this reference, that have to be a compromise between the
scientific aspects and the experience.
The detail should not be underestimated at the expense of broader assessments:
in this logic a specific manual for professional cooking tools, provides a useful
reference for synthesis and analysis.
Now in its third edition, the manual SAPS clearly illustrates and clarifies the
characteristics of the main materials used to make cooking tools: the information
showed range over technical references and gastronomic.The industry, on the other
hand, is subject to continuous developments relevant to the sector of professional
catering: for example think about the new non-stick layers (ceramic, polymer
innovation, etc.).
Remarkable is also the definition of the forms that are presented by indicating
both type gastronomic both usability evaluations in the operational field. Finally,
it is worth to take in considerations the very interesting historic "Museum of
Pot" which is located in the SAPS: the news reported in the booklet are a perfect
supplement to the visit to the museum which is a time of deepening original and
challenging for all operators the sector.
We can only express a wish to hope that all the activities of the SAPS will continue
to provide a useful service to the community of professional catering with both the
manual and with the many initiatives organized.
Prof. Riccardo Guidetti
(Prof. of "Progettazione e Logistica dei Sistemi di Ristorazione")
Prof. Paolo Simonetti
(Prof. of "Nutrizione delle Collettività")
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A guide to professional cookware S.A.P.S.
Edition 4.0
New materials and insights of the new cooking techniques
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