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Baldassare’s heritage and his strong sense of

responsibility were passed down to his son Angelo in

the 1950’s. Then the new generation arrived and after

two more decades, there was another new generation.

All this shows that the success of our Group and

of the Agnelli industries in their specific branches

started from a great family album, in which efforts,

entrepreneurial vocations and fulfilled dreams

“became” the first learning lesson. It is a lively and

engaging imprint, happy to mirror itself, even today,

in the most evolved metal on the planet: aluminum.

However, since its foundation more than a century ago,

who is into the spotlight? In the next pages, we will

present the companies one by one; the Agnelli’s leading

the future of the group: Baldassare and Paolo with their

sons Angelo, Cristiano and Enrico.

Angelo Agnelli