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In a short period, Baldassare Agnelli became what

today we can call a “leading” company of the market.

At that time this word was not usual and Baldassare

never pronounced it.

He was just proud to have on his payroll professional

and extremely skilled workers able to shape aluminum

to the wishes of a market showing to appreciate its

shining charm.

It worked like this: our factory studied, designed and

produced every item that, thanks to its qualities, was

feasible in aluminum, including “parade helmets” for

official events of a faraway age.

In the 1930’s, thanks to such entrepreneurial spirit,

Baldassare became one of the youngest Knights of

the Realm. A wide range of products was created with

aluminum by the “Agnelli Factory”: everyday objects

including pots, hoppers, boilers as well as semi-

finished goods, pipes and industrial products.



Baldassare Agnelli