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Bergamo (Italy), Via Fantoni, 1907. The sign states:

“Baldassare Agnelli Aluminium Factory”.

Here starts the history of our company.

The beginnings were not so easy.

Just think that aluminum plants required equipment

that no other factory had thought to build.

It was necessary to define the objects to be produced

and then conceive the machines to make them.

Aluminum was the metal born with modern times...

potentialities to be discovered!

Looking back to the past we can state that genius and

creativity have never lacked in our factories.

If you do not believe us, come and visit our Museum

where you will discover that Alluminio Agnelli since the

First World War crossed all the fronts and covered the

whole Country with its very famous products.

After all aluminium is the only material that can claim

to have really started from the mess...