The Beauties from Italy - page 6-7

The charming Agnelli tradition is also preserved in the Museum. Here you can find a
faithfully restored accurate reproduction of the old factory of 1900.
You can breath an unmistakable air of antique crafts: there are cutters and benders,
sheet lathes and flanging machines, and even a Schuler press from the 1920’s, still
in working order and preserved with care over the years by the Agnelli family.
Within the Museum there are dozens of pots from the family collection: from the
Quadrifoglio of 1936, capable of cooking 5 different dishes at the same time, to the
Pot in compartments, for steaming casseroles with an airtight lid… and then there
are mess tins, compartment containers, plates, Turkish coffee makers and one of
the first patented “spirit” stoves, to be used in the field. Last but not least: the bottle
carrier, immortalized in the famous photo of the passing of the bottle between the
cycling champions Coppi and Bartali, which took place on July 6th, 1952.
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